METL Integrated Rating Traineeship

Selection is based on merit. All interested persons are required to go through our standard recruitment processes. This includes, application form and CV, interviews, reference checks, profiling, medical assessments, and security check (MSIC). METL can accept direct applications from individuals or will take referrals through industry sources and then deal directly with the applicant. Note that due to high demand for these positions, there are often long periods where METL is not actively engaged in recruitment.
The Traineeship
Requirements: College plus qualifying Sea-Service
Nominal duration: 24 months, however, most Trainees will expect an early completion within 16 - 18 months of commencement.
Qualifications attained: Vocational Education and Training (VET) issued qualification: Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Integrated Rating); Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued occupational licence: Integrated Rating Certificate of Proficiency.
This is approximately 12 weeks at an AMSA Registered RTO : South Metropolitan TAFE, Fremantle; Australian Maritime College, Launceston; Hunter TAFE, Newcastle. Existing workers may be given RPL for Certificate of Safety Training and possibly other units of study. A certified Australian Able Seaman (AB) may qualify for an IR Bridging Course of approximately 9 weeks’ duration, at the discretion of AMSA and the RTO.

There is provision for 2 weeks paid leave following college.
METL does the following:
•    signs Trainees up as employees of METL
•    signs Trainees up with an Apprenticeship Centre
•    facilitates the enrolment process for college
•    pays the college fees
•    arranges and pays accommodation, meals and travel as required
•    pays Trainee wages based on 2010 Industry Seagoing Award  at $461.80 per week at college
Sea service
Trainees must complete 9 calendar months of sea-service on qualifying vessels in order to qualify for the Integrated Rating Certificate of Proficiency. METL has relationships with a number of “Host Employers” who provide the berths. Sea service is generally undertaken in four swings, with a period of 3 weeks paid leave following each swing. A certified Australian AB may qualify for a reduction in sea-service upon application to AMSA.

METL does the following:
•    Secures berths for sea-service component of training
•    Pays Trainee wages based on 2010 Industry Seagoing Award at $614.80 per week at sea
•    Monitors and mentors the Trainees
•    Ensures Trainees reach milestones such as completion of TAGS Books, Steering and Watch-keeping certificates etc.
•    Arranges all travel and accommodation required

Note: METL has a finite number of berths available. Commencement of any Trainee is dependent on METL being able to arrange a berth for sea-service following completion of the college component of the IR VET Qualification.

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