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METL Appoints New Industry Director

Posted 29th May 2017

We are pleased to welcome Kerrie Simpson to the position of Industry Director on the METL Board.

Kerrie brings a wealth of Vocational Educational and Training (VET) expertise to METL, having established and managed her own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) from 1995 to 2011. She has also provided training consultancy services to a range of industries, including maritime, sharing her 30 years’ experience as a company owner and director, designer, facilitator and project manager.

“As METL looked to expand our offering to industry through the RTO, it was important to appoint a Director who could add value in that space through their knowledge, skills and networks,” said METL CEO Simon Earle.

METL Chair Paddy Crumlin echoed those sentiments, adding, “The Board looks forward to working with Kerrie and we are sure that she will bring a lot to the table. METL is a training organisation, and with representation from the shipowners, representation from the union and now representation from the training sector, METL is very well positioned to meet the needs of our industry into the future.”

METL Industry Director Kerrie Simpson.

Two Years Injury Free

Posted 18th May 2017

METL is pleased to report that it is approaching the 2 year mark having been completely free of any serious injury with zero LTI’s. There have been no claims for workers compensation since 2015, with the last trainee recuperating fully and returning to complete their seatime without further incident.

Such an extended period without any serious incidents is a real achievement in a vocational education setting that has trainees actively learning the practical aspects of their roles in high risk environments.

“According to Safe Work Australia, in the last reported period 15% of technicians and trade workers, and 10% of labourers, had a claim submitted” says METL GTO officer Hannan El-Kabbout “and those statistics are reporting only on the field of work, they don’t split the numbers into experienced workers vs trainees/apprentices. Generally, rates are higher among unexperienced works”.

With this in mind, METL has always had a strong focus on the safety and welfare of its trainees. At every stage the message is reinforced with trainees that the most important consideration in any situation is their health and safety. Trainees are scheduled to be contacted twice per swing to go through a monitoring session with METL, and these always include questions about the work they’re doing, safety procedures, and the supervision they receive.

“On top of the standard monitoring with trainees, we also reinforce the understanding that they play the primary role in their own workplace safety”, notes METL Operations Officer Kevin Hunt “They know that as an active crew member they contribute to the safety culture on board, and that at the end of the day we’ll support them in providing a safe work environment.”

METL trainees being safety conscious

Of course there are also many other factors contributing to this extended incident-free period. The colleges delivering the IR course have a strong emphasis on safety, with the aim that all the participants have the skills and knowledge needed to allow them to join a vessel and commence their practical training with a good grounding in shipboard safety and operations.

In addition to this is the noteworthy supervision and training provided by the crews on board the trainees’ host vessels. METL receives regular feedback from the trainees as to their progress on board. Rarely is there any cause for complaint from our trainees, most of whom actually cite an unexpected level of support from the crew members they are working alongside. After several years operating as Hosts for METL trainees, crews on these vessels have become solid mentors - taking the time to walk trainees through the technical aspects of jobs, assisting with their academic requirements, and most of all ensuring their newest crewmates are safe while they learn the ropes.

“We’ve all heard the saying safety is everyone’s responsibility, and its true” says Operations Officer Kevin Hunt. “We have actually seen our Host Employers over time implementing continual improvements to systems and procedures, driven by employees at all levels – on vessels and in the head office. That’s played a big part.”

METL would like to give a big thank you to everyone involved in the safety of our trainees, and hopes that everyone’s diligence continues to give such positive results.