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Kevin Hunt: Six Years At METL

Posted 31st July 2018

Last year when we passed my five year anniversary with METL I remember joking that it would only be twenty minutes until I hit six years and had to write another one of these - and that seems about right.
The past year has been busy for METL. The setup of the METL RTO has been ramping up, with the building being completed and courses just kicking off.  
Separate to that our GTO operations have been continuing strong, and evolving in response to the industry. Now that the skills shortage which originally prompted the formation of METL has been met, operations have been scaled down to meet the ongoing training needs of our partnered Host Employers.
Our two major Host Employers are now fully engaged in the traineeship process, with selections of trainees being made prior to commencement of the college phase, and provision of on-the-job vessel placement following on once the course has been completed.

Kevin Hunt: METLs Operations Officer

We also have agreements in place for ad-hoc provision of trainees with another couple of Hosts, who take on METL trainees when and where they are able. This can lead to some juggling on our end, but it really provides an amazing opportunity for our trainees to broaden their experience.
We currently have a group of great trainees going through the course with South Metro TAFE in Fremantle, and will also shortly be having a group commence with AMC in Launceston. These intakes are staggered to match the expected completion dates of our current TIRs, and allow us to maintain a rolling process to replenish our trainees as they achieve their qualifications.
So, as always, it’s all-systems-go here. The one consistent part of this role has always been an inner monologue saying “We’ll just get through this particular busy period, and then things will calm down a little”. Of course that calm period never quite shows up, and before I know it another year has passed made up entirely of busy periods and projects and intakes and deadlines – so I’ll see you in about twenty minutes.

Day OF The Seafarer 2018

Posted 25th June 2018

Every year on June 25th, the world celebrates Day of the Seafarer which highlights the importance of seafarers in our lives. The day is not only about acknowledging the contributions that they have to the world economy and civil society, but also the risks and personal costs they bear within their chosen profession.

2018 campaign of Day of the Seafarer is about celebrating seafarers and informing the world about how and why seafarers are indispensable to everyone. With that in mind, the tagline for this year’s event is “Seafarers Wellbeing”. The theme was also chosen to coincide with last year’s theme of mental health.

For further information, please click here.