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Ruth Kirley: Weighs Anchor

Posted 31st January 2018

We are sad to announce that Ruth Kirley, METL Admin/Marketing Officer is preparing to set sail (metaphorically) after 3 ½ years of service with METL.

Ruth commenced with METL in 2014 as Administration Officer, providing office support and assisting with the multitude of administrative tasks required of a GTO. Over her tenure, Ruth’s role grew to encompass trainee contact and support; liaison with host employers; and all aspects of marketing.

“Ruth’s been a great support to our team, and always given our customers exceptional service”, reflected CEO, Simon Earle. “She’s pushed projects along like our website and communications, including this newsletter, and done the hard yards chasing up Trainees, but always been there to support them. There’s a lot involved in the role, and Ruth has always given 100%.”

The Board and staff of METL would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Ruth for her contribution to the organisation and extend the best wishes for her future.

Goodbye and good luck Ruth

Hannan Sets Sail

Posted 18th December 2017

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Hannan El-kabbout, METL Finance/GTO Officer is moving on from METL after almost 4 years of service.
Hannan commenced with METL in 2014 as Administration Officer and was shortly promoted, taking on greater responsibility for the operation of the GTO. This included attracting government incentives, managing relationships with RTO’s, apprenticeship centres, and group training networks to ensure quality and compliance. In time, Hannan also accepted greater responsibility for the financial side of the business, managing all accounts, payroll, and assisting with reports budgeting.
Over the past 12 months, as METL has been working on the establishment of the RTO, Hannan has been instrumental in the development of the RTO website and design and implementation of the RTO compliance software.
METL CEO, Simon Earle had this to say: “Hannan has been exceptional. Always focused on a good outcome, and always willing to take on new things. In a small organisation like METL, everyone needs to be flexible, and apply their skills where they’re needed; even if it’s something new or outside the normal day-to-day routine. And that’s exactly what she’s done.”
The Board and staff of METL would like to express sincere gratitude for the work Hannan has done over the years and extend the best wishes for her future endeavours.

Goodbye and good luck Hannan