Developing TIRs and PIRs

METL provides proven pathways for skill development in maritime trainees, and in doing so, helps to advance the maritime industry as a whole.

For both employers and trainees we simplify and streamline the traineeship for you. METL does everything starting at recruitment, during employment, and right through to completion. We manage all administrative processes and relationships with the RTO's, medical providers, regulators and apprenticeship centres, to ensure successful vocational outcomes.

Since METL’s first trainees were employed in February 2011, we’ve:

  • Employed and trained over 200 Trainee Integrated Ratings (TIRs)
  • Achieved a strong retention rate with more than 91% of trainees remaining with us or being successfully placed with other employers to continue their qualification
  • Attained broad representation with trainees selected from every Australian state and territory, and higher than industry average representation of female and indigenous trainees

Each year we manage trainees who are either at TAFE or college, or at sea as a TIR or PIR. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the professional advancement of the maritime industry in Australia in the years ahead.

"An in depth knowledge of the industry and a passion for training has made METL the leading employer of Trainee Integrated Ratings in Australia."

Kevin Hunt - METL Operations

"We are proud to partner with METL to provide the next generation of seafarers with a variety of experiences during their sea time."

Michelle Cooper - P&O Maritime

"My METL experience is one that I will never forget. I would highly recommend anyone to complete their traineeship with METL."

TIR Brett McPherson

"For those hoping to gain IR qualifications I can honestly recommend METL as the best avenue of approach and I thank them for the opportunities they have provided."

TIR Daniel Morse

"The crew at METL always went above and beyond and I appreciate everything they did for me. I did not have one problem and I thoroughly enjoyed completing my traineeship with them."

TIR Gabrielle Winding

Serving the industry in cooperation with:

P&O Maritime