Trainee Statistics

Since commencement of operations in 2011, METL has been instrumental in the training and employment of over 200 Integrated Ratings, including those who completed all training requirements with METL and many who gained direct employment in the industry during their traineeship.

Since beginning operations in 2011:

  • Completion rate for TIRs involved in the METL program of 91% Note: NCVER data for trainees and apprentices from 2015 indicated completion rates at an average of 65%.  This demonstrates how effectively METL manages the traineeship process.
  • 6% of METL intake has been female
  • 7% of METL intake has been indigenous
  • 105 completed their traineeship through METL
  • 66 completed with another employer

Graph showing total METL TIR status at 30 June 2016

"An in depth knowledge of the industry and a passion for training has made METL the leading employer of Trainee Integrated Ratings in Australia."

Kevin Hunt - METL Operations

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