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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not addressed below, please feel free to ask for more information through the METL contact page.

Who can apply for METL traineeships?

Applications are open to all Australian citizens and permanent residents over the age of 18. Unfortunately applications from foreign citizens are not accepted, as they are not recognised as eligible candidates by the Vocational Education & Training (VET) governing bodies of Australia.

Do I need any tickets/qualifications to apply?

Minimum requirement are year 10 Maths and English when applying for an IR traineeship with METL. Experience in the industry is looked upon favourably, but you do not need to hold any industry qualifications prior to applying.

What is the pay rate for METL trainees?

METL Trainees are subject to the trainee wages as laid out in the Seagoing Industry Award 2010 (Schedule E of the Miscellaneous Award 2010). As of November 1st 2020, the rate of pay during the college phase is $516.99, and during the sea service phase it is $688.85. This will be discussed with candidates in further detail as part of the recruitment process, but it is important to be sure that this is a viable rate of income for you to survive on and meet your financial responsibilities prior to applying for this traineeship.

How long does it take to complete the traineeship?

The nominal period (upper expected length as determined by the VET governing bodies) of this traineeship is 2 years. Absent any delays, most trainees complete the traineeship in approximately 16-18 months. If there are delays experienced an extension of the traineeship can be applied for.

I have worked on ships before, can I do less sea service considering my prior experience?

The answer is probably no. The sea service for the traineeship specifically requires that you serve as a TIR on suitable vessels in order to accrue recognised sea service. In a very small number of cases AMSA has ruled for reduced sea time, but this is usually in recognition of extended (ie – 15+ years) of sea service as an Able Seaman in the merchant navy. If you believe you may be eligible for a reduction in your sea service, please contact the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to request an assessment of your sea service. A reduction in your required sea time will affect the consideration that METL gives your application, so please contact AMSA prior to submitting an application to METL if you believe you may be eligible for recignotion of prior service.

I served as an Able Seaman in the Australian Navy, does this count towards prior sea service?

The rank of Able Seaman in the Australian Defence Force is not directly equivalent to the AB ranking in the merchant fleet. You will have had different training, duties, background qualifications, and experience levels. As such it is uncommon for AMSA to recognise and transfer over AB ranking from the ADF into the merchant fleet. However if you believe your experience and qualifications will meet the requirements, please contact AMSA to request an assessment and determination. Please be aware that METL is not an authority in this matter, any requests for determination made to METL will be answered with instructions to contact AMSA directly.

Does METL offer cadetships?

No. METL exclusively handles IR traineeships.

How many new trainees does METL take on per year?

This varies depending on several factors, including how many trainees we currently have, how many berths we have available, Host Employer or Stakeholder requests, and projected need for new seafarers for the next 3-12 months. Generally we operate on a simplified ‘one finishes, one starts’ basis to maintain the required numbers - which means our yearly intake is generally between 10 and 20 trainees in total. 

When do you take on new people?

When we take on new people depends on the factors listed in the previous question, as well as when the courses start at the three colleges certified to provide this training (AMC, South Metropolitan TAFE, Hunter TAFE). As a course is coming up, METLs requirement for new trainees is assessed. If new trainees are required, METL selects candidates from the list of applications already on file – rather than advertising a ‘position vacant’ for each individual hiring. 

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