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World Maritime Day 2023

World Maritime Day this year places a focus on MARPOL and its 50-year commitment to preventing pollution from ships entering our environment.

We sometimes take for granted all the effort that goes into bringing us the goods that we use every day and how far they have travelled around the world to get to us mainly by ship.

METL and all its employees take pride in leaving our environment in a better place for our future generations and we wish the best to all our trainees and serving seafarers

By looking back at the great improvements our shipping fleets have made in the past from the use of low sulphur fuels to the banning of plastic into our oceans.   We look forward to the great achievements that we can make into the future. 

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Posted in Ahoy at 28 September 23

A Conversation on Modern Slavery

On the 20th of September, New METL Operations Coordinator Tim Arnold attended a forum on modern Slavery at which Sister Mary Leahy was a key speaker. 

Sister Mary is a well-regarded figure around the wharves of Port Botany she is known for her tireless work over the past 28 years with seafarers. 

She attends vessels and regularly works in conjunction with the ITF to assist seafarers in need, providing them with care packages and guidance. 

It was great hearing Sister Mary give her lively commentary on social justice issues around seafarers, The important work she does makes a real impact on their lives. 

METL made a donation to Sister Mary to help out with the care packages she provides. 

Posted in Ahoy at 20 September 23

The RSV Nuyina -TIR Trent Stephens

Currently serving as a TIR on the RSV Nuyina, Trent Stephens has been in the hot seat, recently receiving his steering ticket under the tutelage of a highly experienced bridge team. 

Trent has also been involved in the recent mission to rescue an unwell Antarctic expeditioner.
The huge logistics feat of sailing a vessel just shy of 4000kms south of Perth into the chilly waters of Antarctica is one of the extraordinary tasks our trainees practice for and we wish the expeditioner the best along with the brave crew of the Nuyina.

Trent is currently gearing up with the crew for the next resupply voyage to Davis Station where he will be warmly greeted by expeditioners in much need of a resupply. 
We wish Trent and the crew of the Nuyina a safe voyage. 
We can’t wait to see Trent’s next pictures in the METL office.

To read more about Trent’s story with his host company please click here 

Posted in Ahoy at 08 September 23

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