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ASP Ship Management

23 November 2017

At ASP, we do a fair bit of training and are always keen to attract a diverse range of quality trainees.  We also run a “tight ship”, so to speak, and we’re keen to get value for our training dollar and take on Trainees who are prepared to make a commitment to our company.

Over the last twelve months to eighteen months, we picked up quite a few METL TIRs. At first we weren’t really sure about using METL, but in the end, it was our decision who we employed, and it worked out well.

We were pretty impressed by their processes and the quality of the Trainees coming through, so we made the decision to get all of our TIRs through METL. Because METL is the employer, it takes away the administrative burden of training and gives us a lot of flexibility.

The team at METL are very committed to the cause are genuinely interested in the best outcomes for everyone. I would certainly recommend them.

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