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23 November 2017

CSL has always had a solid commitment to training. What METL have bought to the table is the resource to interview and to put applicants through some pretty rigorous testing and reference checking. It’s a more robust process of selection and they have given us access to a more diverse range of people.

When there are immediate shortages, they provide a ready pool of Trainees and because METL is the employer, we get the chance to assess the Trainees on the job and can see who is the right fit for both of our organisations. Terry Bowen and Steve Blake came through METL and have both been very successful working for us as Integrated Ratings. We’ve even given Terry a crack at Bosun and Steve is doing his Deckwatchkeeper understudy.

Initially, to be honest, we had a few concerns about working with METL, but we looked at it with an open mind. Having worked with them now for well over 2 years, we can see that they are operating professionally. We feel confident with what they are doing and feel that they are strategically aligned with us.

We’ve had over 100 METL trainees onboard our vessels to date and see this as an ongoing partnership. We would definitely recommend METL to other organisations.

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