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Offshore Marine Services

23 November 2017


At OMS, we are committed to providing meaningful employment outcomes in the seafaring industry by training candidates to become Integrated Ratings.  When METL advised that they were putting Trainees through the system, we saw that it could be beneficial to work together.

METL have provided candidates like Anne Holmes, Chris Ball, Josh McRitchie and Russell Phillips. These candidates have all performed really well and the Masters and crew were keen to have them back. 

METL supplies to OMS candidates that have already completed a number of the steps required to work offshore which saves considerable time and money. The METL Trainees all come to us with good experience developed in Bluewater and this has mitigated the safety factors usually associated with inexperienced staff.

We have worked with METL to supply PIRs on a number of different vessels and have been very happy with the results so far.  If you are in a business like ours, there are definitely advantages to using METL’s services and we’d certainly recommend them.

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