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METL Maritime Centre Update

We are getting close to operational status at METL’s facility in the Australian Marine Complex, with the practical training zones and equipment now in place. There is a combined Working at Heights and Confined Space Entry module, track and racks for Forklift training, and separate, flexible zones for Scaffolding, Dogging, Rigging and Cranes.


Forklift area and Rob Simm setting up

It will be possible to safely and effectively conduct multiple practical training and assessment activities literally “under the one roof”, protected from the elements. There is also plenty of additional space outside which can be utilised.

Aerial view of METL Maritime Centre

The Building Certifier has completed the final inspection of the WA Facility and signed off on building compliance. An application for occupancy has been submitted to the City of Cockburn Council, who need to carry out a site inspection and issue a Public Building Use certificate.

Foyer at the centre

“We have been meeting with employers to showcase the facility, and the response has been positive”, said RTO Operations Manager, Rob Simm. “We expect to commence delivery of training by October or November this year; it’s been a long project, so we are really keen to get started.”

“What we have developed, is a resource for the whole industry – seafarers, stevedores, port operations, and transport that interfaces with maritime,” adds METL CEO Simon Earle. “Now we’re fully set-up, our immediate focus is to engage with industry, identify the training requirements, and then work with employers and employees to meet those requirements.”

METLs CEO Simon Earle and RTO Operations Manager Rob Simm

Posted in Ahoy at 04 September 17

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