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METL-CSL Training Partnership Continues

METL Operations Officer Kevin Hunt with the new group of TIRS. Left to right: Michael O'Shane, Scott Booth, Kevin Hunt, Justin Ryan, James Mitchell, Liam McGartland, Rob Campbell. Not pictured: Rob McCormack.

Following completion of the college component, the TIRs will undertake their sea service exclusively aboard vessels in the CSL fleet. This is a shift, as trainees were previously drawn from a common pool and rotated among host employers during their seatime. The current arrangement sees the Trainees funded 100% by CSL.

"The newer training model of recruitment and retaining TIRs to serve aboard CSL vessels shows an increased commitment from the host" notes METL Operations Officer Kevin Hunt "It allows trainees to learn the ins and outs of working aboard specific vessels, and to gain a high level of familiarity with their crewmates and procedures."

The TIRs are due to complete their college course and commence their sea service in June of this year.

Posted in Ahoy at 13 April 17

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